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The creator of Marvel Mink Lashes. This collection is a peak into the Marvel ILASH brand which primarily focuses on beauty, personal care and cosmetics. We provide customers with exceptional experiences and marvelous services to join our movement. Marvel mink Lashes are brought to enhance or complete any full-face look. We want every potential or existing client to turn to us when they’re in need of spicing up their glam or interested in receiving semi-permanent individual lashes. The Marvel Mink Lash collection features five different strip lash styles which are all solely based on a different look. Our inspiration was focused on every day looks to lifestyle events our shoppers will attend. My purpose for launching this brand is for each one of my products to help enhance the process of doing your makeup and making it all worth your investment. Our brand carefully selected specific products for our customers that coincide with the idea of getting ready daily. We now introduce, a Marvelous lifestyle that will continue to surpass expectations based on our products offered and excellent customer service we give to each client.